Offering Unparralelled Shaving Products

By igniting the age-old pleasure of a wet-shave in the modern man, we have succeeded in providing our clients with an unparalleled experience, unlike any other in the world of male grooming. Our team of passionate individuals pride themselves on their ability to provide exceptional products and services to those who are looking for more than a rushed, chore-like shave. Our products and services cater to the needs and wants of a diverse range of clients in remarkable detail, ensuring that your experience with our brand leaves you more than satisfied – we are sure to have the classic shaving piece you need.

The Practice of Shaving

A good shave is far more than a quick routine, plastic razors and cheap foam. Instead, shaving can be regarded as a practice which calls for the senses of touch and smell to be engaged. In light of this, the products chosen to enhance the shaving experience are of vital importance. Over time, The Classic Blade Company has expanded its selection of shaving and grooming products, and is proud to stock some of the world’s leading brands. Each Brand we stock has a story to tell, and we help them spread their message.

The Gift of Grooming

Apart from the obvious male clientele, The Classic Blade Company also offers excellent gifting opportunities which can be purchased by men or women alike, be it for personal use, to spoil a loved one, or as a premium gift to someone that deserves it! The Classic Blade Company offers a simple yet desirable answer to the longstanding question of what to purchase for a man in celebration of his birthday/ promotion/ Father’s Day and other commemorative life events.

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