1Why choose a safety razor?
With the correct preparation a safety razor coupled with the right blade, shaving cream / soap and brush will deliver an exceptional shave far superior to that of their modern day equivalents. The benefits exceed – just a close shave, a safety razor also leaves your skin in a better condition and can help eliminate common problems such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. A safety razor will cleanly cut the beard on the surface of the skin instead of multiple blades tugging the hair and cutting them off beneath the surface of the skin – which can cause infection and ingrown hairs. They are quality, substantial tools built to last a lifetime, and more.
2Do all razor blades fit any razor?
There’s no question about it: razor technology has changed hugely over time. Double edge safety razor blades ARE interchangeable, and any brand of razor will hold any brand of blade. This is only one of the many advantages of double edge safety razors – endless possibilities when it comes to a customized shaving experience. You can play around with different brands of blades to find “THE ONE” you prefer.
3Should i shave with or against the grain?
The majority of every shave should be done in the direction of hair growth (most commonly downwards, but sometimes diagonally). It is important for a man to identify the direction of hair growth prior to blade touchdown – and to take note that hair often grows in different directions in different areas. Occasionally, shaving against the grain is required at the end of a shave to get tuff-to-reach or stubborn spots.
4What payment methods do you accept?
We are still finalizing our payment methods – we will get it up and running ASAP.
5What is the best angle to shave at?
The razor should be angled at about 30 degrees. A lower angle (15 degrees) will be too aggressive on the skin, while a higher angle (60 degrees) will tear the hair as the razor head flattens hair before the blade can make contact.
6How many branches does CLASSIC BLADE CO. have
The Classic Blade Co is based in Bronkhorstspruit Gauteng, we currently advertise and market the products we stock online via our website. If you are in the area, do stop by our shop and come view our range of products.
7Do you offer shaving services by appointment?
We do not currently have the facility to offer the full on Barber Shop experience, we do however stock all the necessary kit you need to start enjoying a Barber Shop experience in the comfort of your own home.


1Can women use a safety razor?
SURE THING, Today more and more women are jumping off of the plastic razor bandwagon. Shaving your legs using a double edge safety razor is a far superior and more eco-friendly way to shave. Plus you can save a lot of money using double edge razors as opposed to using the overpriced, “gimmick” filled features – like pivoting heads, rotating balls, lube strips and vibrating handles – of cartridge razors.
2Summarize the answers - Give them to me straight:
When you’re just learning, shaving your legs with a safety razor will take a little bit more of your time, but the difference is minimal. You’re looking at maybe an extra 3 to 5 minutes when you’re just starting out. ​ IS IT A HASSLE: Nope, but this is a common misconception among women who have never tried shaving with a safety razor. Most women who do take the plunge and give it a try for a week or two will testify that they wish they had tried it sooner! When you’re just beginning it can seem intimidating and there is a little bit of learning and practice involved, but, in no time, that little bit of up front awkwardness pays off in a big way.
3Should i use a shaving brush?
Using a shaving brush with either a shaving cream or soap helps to: 1. Stand the hair on your legs up allowing the blade to cut the hair more cleanly and evenly. 2. Create a sublime glide feeling, your razor will effortlessly glide over the contours of your skin. This reduces irritation from hair being cut at odd angles causing hair pulling, razor bumps, and razor burn. If, on the other hand, you find that using your standard canned shaving cream works fine for you, Feel free to go with what works for you.
4Is shaving your legs with a safety razor - really safe?
Definitely! Shaving your legs with a safety razor does require some practice at first, but most women find that after a few times practicing the technique – they rarely cut themselves. Modern day cartridge razors have a protective barrier that allows you to shave at any angle with as much pressure as you wish. The drawback to this technology is that more of your skin and hair is being pulled, resulting in more skin irritation, razor bumps, and a poor quality shave. Wet shaving is actually safer than using cartridges once you’ve get the hang of it.