About Our Business

Established in 2018, by Ian Van Staden, The Classic Blade Company is committed to becoming the leading supplier
of premium men’s shaving products in South Africa. Our goal is to transform the way you shave into an enjoyable, premium experience.

What We Do

At The Classic Blade Company, we take shaving from tedious task to life-long styling ritual. We aim to bring classic style and functional capability into the South African shaving world by re-establishing the use of
premium classic razors that are built to last.

More than a shave, it's a styling ritual.

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We sell razors and affiliated products to those who believe in using only the best when it comes to personal grooming. From shaving creams to beard brushes, we offer our clients everything they need to turn daily grooming into a luxurious, refreshing experience.

We Believe In the Best

We offer clients a wide range of products from highly-recognized premium brands, many of which can last a lifetime, including:

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– we would love to turn your morning shave into a styling ritual!