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Baume.Be Shaving Cream


It has an unusual colour for a Shaving Cream – it’s beige some may say light yellow, not white but don’t let that put you off. Karl could have made the cream a brilliant white but that would mean adding artificial colourants and that is against everything Karl stands for. Strangely, once you start to lather the cream up, it turns white. When you later up you immediately get a waft of the pleasant, woody, floral scent with its top notes of spice, amber, oak moss and citrus. It a comforting scent that’s specially nice in the morning. Baum.Be Shaving Cream is easy to whip up into a rich cream lather, like the very best shaving creams an amount equal to 2 baked beans is more than enough for a generously lathered three pass shave.

What users will surely notice is the high degree of razor glide and cushioning this cream delivers.

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