Abbate Y La Mantia – Shampoo – 250ml
September 21, 2022
Abbate Y La Mantia – Hair Conditioning Balm – 250ml
September 21, 2022
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Abbate Y La Mantia – Shower Gel – 400ml


Balsamic and fresh hypoallergenic fragrance.
As in all of our products, our saffron threads extract adds the cosmetic effect to the desired one.
So a cleanser becomes a treatment for your body.
That’s why we chose it to be vegetal in all its parts, including the thickeners:
– The Xanthan Gum, a polysaccharide derived from the fermentation of natural microorganisms. Then pasteurized, filtered, centrifuged, dried and finally ground.
*Non-greasy and it doesn’t irritate. Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Clean, health and very perfumed


OLFACTORY: A clean scent in the air and a balsamic fragrance on the skin: with this product all of this is still under your clothes.

SENSUAL: Touching your own body and feeling it beautiful and fresh like on a summer evening.

ACTIVE: The saffron threads extract makes a showergel become a cosmetic treatment for the skin of the whole body. The extract gives a silky tone to the skin thanks to its decongestant effects and its activators of microcirculation and restoration of the cells.
Our organic and veg formula is designed not to attack the skin, in order to avoid imperfections and redness even in the most delicate areas of your body.

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