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August 1, 2022
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September 7, 2022
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Abbate Y La Mantia – Marduk Aftershave – 100ml



A fragrance that will meet the tastes of those who love the most diverse olfactive families making it a purchase with eyes closed of our line: green and balsamic, citrus and white fruits.


It implements the alcoholic disinfectant formula with cosmetic active ingredients making it a unique aftershave:

*Saffron extract *Spirulina *Blackcurrant *Blueberry

This is our line for sun-exposed skin, which wants to prevent the undesirable effects of UV rays (ageing of the epidermis).

Please note: It is made with vegetal alcohol derived from wheat fermentation.


OLFACTORY: The idea is to combine a walk in the red Mexican desert and one through a pasture in the Italian Alps and to isolate a part of it: the freshness. In Central America through the waters of succulent plants, in the Italian highlands collecting small flowers and alfalfa from green pastures.

SENSUAL: recreating, with eyes closed, the refreshing sensation on a hot body. The passage of the blade that raises the temperature on our face and a lather that extinguishes its effects and relaxes every facial nerve.

ACTIVE: a very rich mixture of anthocyanins mixed with extremely powerful cosmetic elements which do not fight cellular ageing with hydration alone, but with reactions and nutrients that are truly active. This defines the soap as a true cosmetic treatment.

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