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September 21, 2022
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Abbate Y La Mantia – Hair Conditioning Balm – 250ml


Esotic and refreshing hypoallergenic fragrance.
As in all of our products, our saffron threads extract adds the cosmetic effect to the desired one.
So this becomes a professional and cosmetic treatment for both skin and hair.
That’s why we chose a completely veg formula, in which the following ingredients stand out among the others:
– Nettle extract: this plant has the highest percentage of therapeutic properties (abundant amount of chlorophyll)
– A mixture of noble elements: sweet almonds, avocado, shea and calendula.

“Everything that makes something softer makes it even happier”


OLFACTIVE: Balsamic and Fresh serenity for as long as you hold this balm in your hair.
SENSUAL: No foam, just oils and butters. Did it work? Of course!
ACTIVE: The saffron threads extract makes a balm become a technical and cosmetic treatment at the same time. It has been designed as a professional treatment for domestic use. The crocin contained in the threads is an excellent brightener of your hair’s natural color.
While the nettle extract nourishes and adds shine to your hair, the coconut oil strengthens it and makes it softer.
The rest of our veg formula fills all that is missing.

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