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September 21, 2022
Abbate Y La Mantia – Shampoo – 250ml
September 21, 2022
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Abbate Y La Mantia – Body & Hair Soap on a Roap – 330g


A hypoallergenic fragrance that blends the best sensations of oriental hammams with the sensuality of western spas.

Scrubbing elements of small seeds of the opium flower, in this case with exfoliant purpose. Since it’s a bath and body soap, we thought of organic macadamia oil in order to give a showergel effect for the body and a shampoo for the hair. The Australian walnut, in fact, excels in active elements for both uses.

The unique antibacterial properties of saffron extract ennoble the ritual. A cosmetic transformation from a “small” domestic detergence action to the utmost pleasure of having respected and protected your own body.

The cotton cord gives extreme comfort in order not to put down and take the soap again between a soaping and the other.

“Combining everything you need for an antique bathroom into one product.”

“no parabens, non GMO, no gluten, no pesticides, no SLS/SLES”.


OLFACTIVE: A clean smell in the air and a balsamic and fresh base on the hands.

SENSUAL: A hard element of the past on one’s skin makes everything softer and cleaner

ACTIVE: Saffron pistils extract makes a “simple” body  washing become a cosmetic treatment. A silkiness that is typical of deep cleansing and complex hydration. Absolute antibacteriality that we have understood to be so fundamental for coexistence and respect for others

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